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The Newest Shoe Trend Is Comfort, Thanks To 2020 and 2021

The Newest Shoe Trend Is Comfort, Thanks To 2020 and 2021

by Shannon Scott May 03, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic brought many challenges and valuable life lessons for us all.  Amidst all this, many people are re-focusing on their health and seeking out comfort.

Numerous new trends have appeared on the horizon across industries and lifestyle, but it is 'comfort' that is topping the charts everywhere – from fashion to workspaces, home décor to vacations. With the lockdown having forced people to stay indoors and study/work from home, many have adapted to this “new normal” by placing comfort at the top of their day-to-day priorities.

Shoes and Comfort – Why Such a Rage These Days?

Even before the pandemic, people preferred shoes that were comfortable to wear for long hours. However, at times comfort took a backseat; style and looks were more preferred. This held true especially when shopping for occasions, such as work or family gatherings.

With the pandemic pushing social gatherings to an absolute minimum, our lifestyle has seen a lot of changes. For one, we have started placing more emphasis on health and fitness. From morning walks and jogging sessions to workouts and yoga at home, people have made healthy changes to their lifestyle. This has also resulted in heightened demand for quality shoes suited for comfortable walking and running.

Working from home has also contributed to this trend. Being at home has always been more about comfort than style, and now it’s become even more important. People are prioritizing comfortable shoes over gorgeous ones as they toil away in their kitchens, spend quality time with their kids, or squeeze in some work on their laptop screens. Gone are the days when men and women were hunting for stylish sneakers. Comfy casual sneaker choices are now the norm.


Top Features to Consider when Buying Shoes for Comfort

Whether you are working from home or office, if your work demands you to spend long hours standing or moving around, a pair of comfortable shoes will be your best friend. In contrast, forcing your feet to support your entire body weight in a rigid position all day long can cause severe strain to your back, legs, muscles and joints.

All these problems can be avoided if you opt for quality footwear designed for comfort. Shoe designers are going out of their way to come up with products that can ease the pressure of standing for long hours.  When shopping for new footwear, it is best to take note of the following features before making a purchase:

Lightweight Design

Standing and walking around for long hours calls for shoes that are lightweight and comfortable. At the same time, lightweight footwear can make your physical activity sessions much easier, while supporting the foot without feeling weighed down. Thankfully, there are several lightweight casual shoes to choose from that come with a sturdy toecap to keep your feet happy and free.



With regular use comes wear and tear. No matter how comfortable the pair of shoes, durability is always something to consider. How long a shoe lasts directly relates to the quality of its materials and the way it is made. Some shoes strike a good balance between durability and comfort.

Heel and Arch Support

Heel and arch support are crucial for whatever activity you have planned. Standing for long hours or even some forms of exercise cause your body weight to apply pressure on the delicate tendons and ligaments of your feet. If not supported well, arches can weaken and “fall”. 

Shoes designed with the right kind of heel and arch support can help prevent this. Always make sure your slides or flip-flops and work shoes are not flat-soled. Only purchase footwear that offers a generous degree of arch support to alleviate foot pain that can result from hours of physical activity. The right arch support can also have pronounced positive effects on productivity leaving you with plenty of energy at the end of the day.

Shock-Absorbing Outsoles

The outsoles of your shoes are too important to ignore. The wrong shoes can lead to completely avoidable slips and falls. Always make sure you buy shoes with outsoles that offer slip resistance adequate for constant shifting and flexing. Make sure the outsoles are high-traction shock-absorbing ones to let you stand or exercise for long hours without hurting your feet. 



Extra Padding and Cushioning

One factor that defines comfort in shoes is the extra layers of padding and cushioning to keep your feet snug and safe. Whether you’re at home or at work, make sure your shoes have good padding to keep your feet comfortable. Depending on what you need there are options from padded indoor slides to cushioned high-top sneakers and more to choose from.


Another major factor contributing to comfort in footwear is good breathability. Only adequate ventilation can allow the free circulation of air needed to keep your feet in good health. Stuffy, ill-fitting shoes can trap moisture around your feet, allowing sweat to build up. Always make sure you purchase shoes that offer enough breathability and ventilation to provide a cool and comfortable environment for your feet.


Standard Toe-Box

When buying a shoe for comfort, make sure you test it for adequate toe space. Standing all day with your toes crammed into an uncomfortable toe box is no fun at all is it?

Making Room for Style

One thing is for sure – comfort is the latest trend when it comes to footwear, thanks to 2020 and 2021. Catching up on this latest trend, shoe designers have been offering beautiful products that offer both ease and style in one. Our speciality store offers a wide range of choices for all kinds of shoppers.

From well-padded lounge shoes for those working-from-home to super-breathable tennis shoes for the sports enthusiasts and stylish low-top sneakers offering optimum heel and arch support, we offer a wide range of options to choose from. Always remember the four golden rules when it comes to shoe-shopping – cushion, support, comfort and fit. Add to this your fifth craving - style – and pick the right shoe from the wide variety we have to offer.


Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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