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How Coronavirus Made Comfort Fashionable

How Coronavirus Made Comfort Fashionable

by Shannon Scott April 07, 2021

Right now, comfortable garments that support a casual day at home are more popular than ever. With more and more people hunkering down at home and selecting more comfortable fashion choices, many brands are having to adapt to this new way of living. That means offering comfier and more laid back choices that reflect the new daily lives of many of their customers.


Life sure looks a little different than it did a year ago as we officially pass the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. The start of the pandemic, otherwise known as COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, witnessed a large swath of the population experience major shifts in their lives simply adjusting to our new day to day reality.

Just like with people, many businesses were forced to adjust and find ways to keep up with the current market. It’s safe to say the Coronavirus left no stone unturned when it came to upending everything that was once considered normal. 

Perhaps one of the areas most significantly affected by the onset of the pandemic and its impact on the global market is the fashion industry. Clothing sales are estimated to have dropped by nearly a third in the year of 2020. It seems that people have dramatically decreased their spending on clothes, despite the initial surge of online shopping. Of course, it doesn’t help that at this point no one is really sure just when the pandemic will end and we will resume our social behaviors.

Though, that is not to say that there haven’t been a few winners in the fashion industry because of the Coronavirus pandemic. For instance, we have all become rather familiar with the newest fashion accessory, the face mask.

It’s been proven that defining moments in history, such as pandemics, wars, or recessions, change the way people dress. The fashion industry is intimately tied to the wants and needs of the consumers with experts and fashion historians alike indicating that the Coronavirus just might shape the future of fashion forever. 

For instance, pajama sales skyrocketed nearly 143% by this time last year, along with an increase in the sales for tops. However, sales for pants, like jeans, fell 14% with bra sales declining 13% for the same period. Not to mention the fact that Google searches for sweatpants reached a 14 year high, with sales of the comfortable lounge pant increasing by 80%. 

It seems that for the time being, the people have spoken, and the results show comfort is the new fashion must have! The Coronavirus has not only changed our daily lives, but the relationship we have with clothes because of those changes. Less dress shoes and more comfortable shoes.

Today, numerous cities still have face mask orders in place with social distancing guidelines. A large number schools remain closed, operating online with virtual courses, meaning that many children are still at home with their parents. Businesses, also, have shifted to operating on a stay-at-home basis if at all possible. 

Additionally, depending on the person, daily routines have drastically altered to avoid going out as much as possible. People are bypassing the gym and exercising at home while limiting their outside activities to a bare minimum. That means that for a large share of people, the outdoors is now indoors, going to work means staying home, and school means joining a virtual classroom from the comfort of your couch.

It makes sense that people seem to be wearing, well, less pants in general and are opting for that new zoom shirt instead. Although, it is worth mentioning that the transition from formal office attire to more casual wear has been on the rise for some time now as the athleisure wear market has enjoyed steady growth since well before the Coronavirus. New shoe styles tend to be easy to wear, with a casual style that sometimes includes slip on sneakers.

Today, however, comfortable garments that support a casual day at home are now more popular than ever. Tons of fashion celebrities push looks like oversized sweaters with laid back leggings, sure to inspire any pro-Zoomer out there. 

With more and more people hunkering down at home and selecting more comfortable fashion choices, many brands are having to adapt to this new way of living. That means offering comfier and more laid back choices that reflect the new daily lives of many of their customers. 

Surely, if you asked people a year ago if they would ever consider wearing sweatpants every day, they would have said no. Today that’s an entirely different story. That is why many fashion brands now have online shopping categories like “staying in” or “perfect Zoom tops”. Additionally, many brands are also trying to remain innovative during this sudden change of style, by offering clothes that are designed to look professional while still remaining comfortable. 

Then, there are those who dress up just to stay in. For many people, dressing up was a way of life. With the Coronavirus still affecting many daily activities, people are choosing to get dressed up all while staying at home. For this reason, many experts argue that once the Coronavirus is over, instead of fashion remaining on a comfy course, there will be a resurgence of more upscale and glamorous attire. They suggest that by the time everything is over, people will be all but ready to ditch the sloppy-chic apparel for a more high-end fashion look. 

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the need for a comfy and stylish pair of shoes to wear around the house or for when we do eventually venture back outdoors. For instance, these wonderful hand-made slippers are a perfect combination of comfort with fashion. These slippers are eco-friendly, made in the USA at our downtown Los Angeles factory, and are perfect for lounging around the house, making a quick trip to the store, or even a walk around the block. If sneakers or slides are more to your liking, COMUNITYmade offers several options, including custom slides.

COMUNITYmade firmly believes in the art of making high-end, durable shoes all by hand right here in America. Take a look at our wide range of selections for both men and women. We also produce high quality, hand made face masks as well.

It seems that the Coronavirus pandemic will have a lasting effect on the future of fashion. All we can do is wait and see what happens when life eventually opens back up and we discover what our new normal will be. Until then, the majority of us will continue to snuggle up in our oversized sweaters and matching sweat pants, and take life one zoom call at a time.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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