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Custom Shoes


We have custom shoes that are made from the finest quality materials, shoes that support maintaining jobs in your local community.

Handmade crafters at COMUNITYmade give a lot more attention to the small things that make a pair of shoes last longer; extra stitching, padding and care go a long way in making one of the finest-quality shoes around. The best custom shoes are handmade. Well-crafted, customizable footwear can be personally designed to fit your specific shoe needs & incorporates different elements to come up with a perfectly tailored shoe that will provide not only ultimate comfort, but utmost functionality. STUDIOmade by COMUNITYmade offers a level of class and sophistication that will leave an impression on every person you meet. Let’s face it: Custom shoes get noticed and definitely turns heads, giving whomever's sporting it the admiration and respect that they righteously deserve. No matter who you are, investing in good-quality custom shoes is always a good idea, and if you’re able to find someone like COMUNITYmade to handcraft leather shoes tailor-made to meet your every need and expectation – you'll feel pure bliss.
Find Your Perfect Size

We want to help make sure that your new shoes have the best fit possible.  

We have created a separate fit for men and women to provide the ultimate foot hugging comfort.  Our sockliner and upper materials will naturally mold to your foot and stretch out after a short period of time, so do allow for this when trying our shoes on initially.


 In general, our shoes are running closer to an everyday shoe fit vs. an athletic shoe fit and can be worn with or without socks - but the socks have to be eye catching for best results.


Any variances from this chart will be noted on each individual product page.