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How to Choose the Perfect Premium Leather Sneaker

How to Choose the Perfect Premium Leather Sneaker

by Shannon Scott December 30, 2020

Once upon a time, buying sneakers was about as easy as choosing the kind of water you drank. Because there was only one option available; howeOnce upon a time, buying sneakers was about as easy as choosing the kind of water you drank. Because there was only one option available; however, in today's world, sneakers come in hundreds of different styles, each one tailored to different specific needs. Additionally, the new designs have many different parts, depending on how intricately they have been designed. With these factors in mind, it can be quite difficult to choose the right sneaker to meet your exact needs; however, if you’re able to follow just a few basic guidelines, you will surely be able to find the perfect leather sneaker.Once upon a time, buying sneakers was about as easy as choosing the kind of water you drank. Because there was only one option available; howe

Look for Premium Quality

Start off by looking at the quality of the shoe last because as every expert shoemaker knows, "the last comes first". A shoe’s shape is determined by its last, which is the solid form that the shoe is molded around. This can be made from either wood or plastic and looks a lot like those mannequins you see in department stores. In order for a shoe to be considered good-quality, its last must be of good quality. A good last is based on as many as 35 different measurements, including the instep, the ball of the foot, the instep and the heel. Premium brands create a set of lasts to fit a men's foot and a separate set of lasts that will fit a women's foot because there are bio-mechanical differences.  You can tell if a shoe was made from a good last by observing how the shoe feels on your foot. If the shoe molds well to your foot, chances are it was made from a quality last.  

Examine the Materials

Good leather sneakers will be made from the best quality materials. Pay very close attention to the detail of the shoe, and feel the texture. You should be able to feel the difference between substandard leather and the real deal. When the leather is of a lower quality, you’ll notice a thick plastic feeling. To the eye, it will look good, but the feel of it will be markedly different. The smooth surface will soon fade after just a few wears in the environment and won't "mold" to your foot like a premium leather.

Authentic premium leather shoes will have evidence of life in them. You will be able to spot the pores of the animal’s skin, and it will show various imperfections in the fabric.  When on foot, it will feel like it was part of your own skin and will mold perfectly to your foot as needed with wear.

Check the Stitching

Another factor to examine carefully is the stitching. Quality sneakers will have double or reinforced stitching, especially in areas around the toe and the arch. These are the areas where the shoe will get the most stress. The reinforcing of the stitching will ensure the sneakers will last for longer. This coupled with hand painting (which works as a kind of sealant) will lock the edges together and make the shoe more durable so it will be able to withstand much more wear and tear than other sneakers on the market.

Where Was it Made?

Where a shoe is made can say a lot about its quality, but labels can be very deceiving. Just because a shoe says it is Made in Italy, it doesn’t always give you the whole picture. In today’s world of business, many manufacturers outsource several of the steps involved in the manufacturing process. Find out if the shoe was actually made where it says it was made or if it was only assembled in that location. The better quality sneakers will have been made in just one single factory that handles every aspect of the sneaker production. This will begin from the very basics of pattern-making and continue all the way to the final embossing.  Ideally, a shoe can be made as close to the end customer as possible thus reducing carbon emissions due to the transportation costs as well as ensuring fair living wages for those involved in the making of the shoes.

Brand names often do this kind of all-encompassing work as it makes it possible for them to maintain total control over every shoe that leaves their factory. By doing this, they know they can produce consistent and more refined work that their customers can really appreciate.

When it comes to buying quality leather sneakers, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. A closer look at the shape of the shoe, the touch and appearance of it, the quality materials, and even how it was designed and put together will tell you if the sneaker you’re considering has met the highest of standards. At COMUNITYmade, we take a great deal of pride in producing premium leather sneakers closer to our customers which is the ultimate in sustainability, that are sure to last you a lifetime, making them definitely worth the investment.  Our motto when it comes to buying shoes is "Choose well and make them last!"

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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