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Great Winter Styles We Recommend

Great Winter Styles We Recommend

by Shannon Scott December 16, 2020

Winter is coming. It is a beautiful season of the year and comes with a range of hazards resulting from freezing temperatures, heavy rainfall, etc. So it only makes sense to want to ensure your health, comfort, and safety by preparing your home for months ahead.

One of the best ways to prepare for winter is by investing in warm, comfortable winter shoes. After all, nothing could be worse than layering up from your head to your knee, only to deal with the cold creeping into your toes.

This article will highlight some great winter styles to include in your shoe checklist. But before we do that, let's make sure we are on the same page.

What's winter season?

According to National Geographic, there are four seasons – winter, summer, autumn, and spring, distinguished by special climate conditions. Winter is the coldest season. In the Northern Hemisphere, winter begins on December 21 or 22 – the shortest day of the year referred to as winter solstice.

With that in mind, let's now look at stylish shoes to keep you warm during winter. Note that our handpicked selection is centered on warm, breathable, comfortable, waterproof, and lightweight shoes. All these features are essential for any winter shoes – but we'll get into that later on in this article.


Winter boots can be stylish just as they are functional, and what better way to get these two features together than with quality moccasins? Good quality moccasins are fashionable, light, and will hug your toes in the warmest way possible. These shoes are lined with fur, which makes them adorable and warm. You can wear them indoors to protect your feet from the cold floors or outdoors to the office or mall and so on.

Cozy slippers

Nothing is quite as comforting as slipping your legs into a comfortable pair of slippers and cozy clothing while hanging around the house. A nice pair of comfy slippers can mean all the difference, especially since we're continuing to spend more time than usual at home. And the best part is there is a whole range of slippers to pick from for every preference, budget, and use. There are slippers that are meant solely for indoor use and hybrid models like these fashionable leather slippers 

Here are some examples of cozy slippers for your inspiration.

  • Flip flops: open-toed shoes are a favorite for many homes – but since you are buying for winter, go for those that are fur-laced as they offer more warmth and comfort.
  • Wool open-heeled slippers: wool sleepers are warm, soft, and not itchy. They hug your feel and adapt to your shape with continual use. Some wool sleepers are designed with more prominent soles that give them more versatility. You can use them around the house, outside to water the lawn, or even to the mall.
  • Anti-slip slippers: with water and moisture being prevalent during winter, you become more susceptible to slip and fall. It is, therefore, a good idea to wear shoes with a rubber sole for increased traction. Anti-slip slippers are one such example and can keep you warm and stylish while ensuring that you are safe. Uppers can vary from suede to leather like these fashionable open-heeled slippers from COMUNITYmade.
  • Shearling lined slide slippers: these sandals are an excellent choice for the house as they are stylish, breathable, and comfortable.
  • Slip-on: these stylish shoes are easy to wear and remove, making them convenient to always next to your chair or by the doors.  
  • Loafers: lightweight winter loafers are stylish and sustainable and can be worn in the house and work.
  • Felt slippers: felt shoes are warm, cozy, classy, and versatile. Some can be worn inside and out.
  • Slipper clogs: slipper clogs not only support your arch, but also keep feet warm with naturally-insulating wool.

    The great thing about house slippers is that they are slip-on, warm, comfortable, and warm. You can never go wrong with slippers. Besides, they are warm, water-resistant, lightweight, and breathable. And since they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, it is hard not to come by something that matches your tastes and preferences.

    Sleeping bag boots

    The sleeping bag-ish footwear is seemingly commonplace these days. People are buying them widely for their appeal, comfort, and effectiveness. The quilted shoes are not only stylish but also good for keeping the harsh temperatures from cold winters at arm's length. Some are short and hit the ankle, while others stretch up to the knee. And thanks to their rubber sole, the sleep bag-ish boots are perfect for both indoors and outdoors.  

    Fireside house shoes

    Winter is the coldest season of the year. And with all that's happening this year – including the pandemic – you'll be spending more time at home and around the fireplace. It is a good idea to get some nice fireside house shoes for this reason. But since you want to be stylish while at it, go for house shoes with stunning decorative rosette and piping (or any other fancy design).


    Socks aren't shoes, but they sure will serve you right, along with your winter shoes. There are many stock options available in the market, but you want to go with anything woolen. Wool is a warm material that absorbs and wicks water. They also aren't bulky and can be worn with boots, slippers, and any other shoe option.

    Features to look for in winter shoes


    This is a top concern when buying winter shoes. The best way to tell the warmth of a shoe is by looking at its temperature ratings. Winter boots manufacturers always include these in their shoes. But you can also check the lining materials – whether it's wool or acrylic polypropylene. Most stylish house shoes use shearling, a special kind of wool that offers good insulation.


    Good winter shoes, especially those closed like moccasins and sleep bag boots, should be breathable. Breathability prevents foot fungi and frostbite that happen when feet are exposed to wet, sub-zero conditions. Good quality winter shoes are designed with antimicrobial and antibacterial linings.


    Comfort is critical for house shoes, especially if you'll be wearing them for extended periods. In which case, you want to find shoes with good insole and lacing systems. The insoles should have arch support and padding for comfort.      


    Since you are getting winter shoes for the house, you should find something that's light in weight so that moving around doesn't feel like work. Thanks to the latest technology, insulating and padding materials are less bulky and more lightweight than ever, a fact which you should take advantage of.

    These are just a few features that you should watch out for when buying winter shoes. All the essential details should be in the shoe description. But you'll find factors like comfort, sizing, and so on in reviews and testimonials.

    Shannon Scott
    Shannon Scott


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