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Urban Utility Sneakers – Why You Can’t Live Without Them

Urban Utility Sneakers – Why You Can’t Live Without Them

by Shannon Scott January 31, 2023

Of course, there are over 7 billion people on the planet who will do just fine without these sneakers. In fact, the vast majority of them live without most of the running shoes, dress shoes, athletic shoes, or even the arch-support safety shoes you already have in your closet.  So now what? Well, if you’re thinking of buying a new pair of sneakers, why not do some good for the planet and as well as, help some of the people right here in the United States?

How To Get the Best Leather AND Help the Planet

According to the US government and the leather industry, almost 2 billion square meters of leather are used annually in the United States, employing almost 500,000 Americans. Some of the very best quality leather is prepared for the US car industry in Detroit.

Premium quality automotive leather is made to be durable, UV resistant, and free of imperfections. Then skilled craftspeople in the Detroit area fashion this high-quality leather into the finest vehicle interiors, including leather seats, leather-wrapped steering wheels, and premium trim elements.

Normally, the millions of unused pieces of this brand-new leather go straight to the landfill, adding even more waste to our environment. This is where you come in.

Help COMUNITYmade and Pingree Detroit Save the Day

Imagine what’s possible when you take some of the finest sneaker craftspeople in California (COMUNITYmade), team them up with some of the finest leather craftspeople in Detroit (Pingree Detroit), and ask them to work with brand-new, upcycled automotive leather. Introducing the high-top sneaker boss, the honorable urban leader – The Mayor.  A completely handcrafted sneaker, The Mayor has been elected as the best way to bring power to the people who make and wear one of the finest sneakers to walk our streets.

The Story Behind The Mayor

Working in collaboration with the people at ComunityMade here in Los Angeles and the people at Pingree in Detroit, a team of fine craftspeople and US Military Veterans produces a timeless urban utility sneaker built for the long haul. The Mayor combines the comfort of a sneaker and the styling of a boot, using premium, upcycled leathers from the automotive industry in Detroit model around proprietary shoe-lasts for the perfect fit.

Only 500 Pairs Will Be Handcrafted And Numbered

Each pair of The Mayor will be embossed with its unique production number from 1 to 500, and that’s it. No more. Every pair will be made-to-order and delivered by March 31 – at the latest. So if you insist on wasting time looking for a shoe sale online, you’ll miss out. There will be no 501.

Move Over Air Force – The Mayor Is In Town

First things first, when it comes to music and shoe fashion, you can’t get more original and more urban than LA and Detroit. Their streets are hard, and the creativity is full out and open-hearted. It’s an absolute joy to explore both. And who better to bring with you than The Mayor?

Comfort, functionality, protection, and style a mile-wide. Whatever the weather, feels-like-fire summer heat, or ice-cold winter chills, The Mayor keeps you comfortable and dry. (We all know what Detroit winters can be like. I bet you didn’t know part of LA County was buried under a foot of hail in 2003.)

A Little About the Pingree Detroit Company

Think it’s important to help your fellow humans? You’re in good company. Over a hundred years ago, Hazen S. Pingree became the progressive mayor of Detroit and helped change its destiny. Hazen was already the owner of the second-largest footwear company in the US, and he created jobs for hundreds and hundreds of people, including his fellow veterans.

When he became mayor of Detroit, the whole region was going through economic adversity, and that’s when Mayor Pingree took action to start urban farms, restore utilities to public control, end political corruption, and inspire thousands to maximize the well-being of the citizens.

It is in this spirit that the Pingree company is training Detroiters, especially US veterans, in new skills like leather crafting, shoe making, and industrial sewing. We also teach entrepreneurship to every maker on our team so that they can create a pathway to success as co-owners in our company. We think The Mayor, Mr. Pingree would be proud.

The Mayor With a Red Flare

Legend has it that Mayor Pingree was so impressed by the valiant firefighters who worked so tirelessly when his factory was destroyed by fire he paid homage to the firefighters by adding a touch of red on the shoes he made when he was able to recover and rebuild his factory.

A Little About COMUNITYmade

First and foremost, COMUNITYmade is about the people we work with and the community where we live. The United States of America has a proud history of making handcrafted leather shoes for men and women, and at COMUNITYmade, we are doing all we can to revive this handcrafted tradition. Together with our family of skilled and talented artisans, we work with brilliant designers to create casual men's shoes, athletic shoes, and stunning custom handmade shoes for women.

A Donation To The Charity Of Your Choice

We realize looking for men’s and women’s shoes on sale makes sense. Mall shopping and shopping online shoes for women and men are practically a holiday tradition. But before you make a final decision, take a moment to think about the comfort, style, and durability of a handmade shoe. And in the spirit of giving, you’ll be glad to know that with every purchase you make, COMUNITYmade will donate to the charity of your choice to help build a stronger community that you really care about.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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