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Should New Shoes Make My Feet Hurt?

Should New Shoes Make My Feet Hurt?

by Shannon Scott April 07, 2023

You'd be surprised at how many people ask us this question. The short answer is "no," new shoes should not hurt your feet. If your new shoes hurt, try your best to return them or exchange them for another size or a different style. Some shoe types are generally more narrow, and some have a restrictive toe box. But even if you're a slave to your fashion, your shoes shouldn't hurt. 

In this article, we'll explain how some people try to stretch their shoes and how some people have figured out how never to have their new shoes hurt their feet. 

How Shoe Lovers Can Avoid a Broken Heart

If you don't think shoes are important, then stop reading this. It won't make any sense to you. But, for the rest of us, no matter which type of shoes tickle your fancy, there is one guaranteed way to pamper your feet and give them the support they deserve. Insist on premium, hand-crafted shoes. 

Leather Boots, Sneakers, Sandals, and Shoes

Natural leather comes in many forms, and all of them will mold to your feet. Over a period of time, leather will take the shape of your foot, heel to toe, especially when it comes to leather insoles. This results in a pair of shoes perfectly matching your feet. 

You can see this for yourself. If you have a pair of shoes with leather insoles, look inside and see how the insole has taken the shape of your foot. Then run your fingers inside towards the front, and you will feel the slight impressions in the leather that mirror the shape of your toes. 

Thick Socks, Freezer Bags, and Other Silly Methods For Breaking In Shoes

There's no judgment here, but honestly, there's no reason why you should be spending all that money on a new pair of shoes and then have to resort to wearing thick socks for shoes that are too loose or using freezer bags to stretch shoes that are too tight. 

Too Loose, But Where Exactly?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if your shoes are too loose, thick socks can help. Some people even try wearing two pairs of socks. (This is fine if you like ending up with widow socks.) The trouble is your shoes are most probably not evenly loose all over your feet. 

Most of the time, you'll have a tight spot or two. Wearing thick socks will make your shoes fit better in one area and a little too snug in another. There isn't anything wrong with your feet. It's just that large manufacturers fabricate shoes for a narrow spectrum of foot shapes. 

Freezer Bags Aren't Cool

There are plenty of how-to YouTube videos that show placing freezer bags filled with water into shoes and then putting shoes in the freezer. The theory is that water increases in volume when frozen, and this extra volume is supposed to stretch out your shoes. 

First of all, who wants their shoes in their freezer? And if you're going through all this trouble, wouldn't it make sense to get a pair of shoes that fit correctly, to begin with?

If you still want to try this, here is something else to consider. Yes, the water will freeze and increase if volume, but this volume usually increases at the opening of the shoe and not down by the toes where you need it. 

Most of the time, you will end up with a foot-shaped bag of ice, which I guess could be cool in a punch bowl. Then you'll have to wait for the ice to thaw out a little to get it out of your shoes. And oh, let's hope there wasn't a hole somewhere in the bag.

Preventing Blisters and What Causes Them

Some people are more prone to getting blisters than others. Regardless, a properly fitting pair of shoes that don't have any tight spots and aren't too loose should eliminate this painful condition.

Blisters are fluid-filled sacs that appear on the top layer of the skin. Usually, this happens near the toes or the heel. Blisters are caused by friction. Rubbing or pressure on one spot can create a blister. Often this happens before you even know it. 

Protecting Your Feet

If you're watching tv or lounging, just about any shoes around the house are fine. But when you're active, it's essential to be mindful of how your shoes fit and whether or not the type of shoes will match the activity.  

Big, Bulky, Heavy-Duty Work Shoes and Boots

This is the one category in which a break-in period might help your shoes fit better. This type of footwear is made to protect your feet. Even natural leather used in a work boot or shoe may eventually fit better after wearing them for a while. It's difficult to predict, so please take your time making sure you get a chance to try them on and walk a little. 

Buying Shoes Online Is Like Online Dating

Sure it seems easy, and it can be a good way to save money and time, but buying shoes online is often just as disappointing as online dating. Everything looks good on screen. The descriptions sound like a perfect match, and then when they show up, things just don't feel right. 

Again, with online shoes and online dating, there's no judgment. If anyone asks, tell yourself and your friends, "It's just not the right fit." 

A Perfectly Fit Pair of Shoes

A premium, hand-crafted pair of shoes are made to match your feet. At COMUNITYmade, our shoe artisans take a number of key measurements of both your left and right foot. These measurements can be used to create shoe lasts that are an exact model of your feet. 

Every pair of shoes you order in the future will be a perfect fit because they will be matched to this last. In some cases, the precise measurements of your feet will be used directly to make a pair of shoes for you. In both cases, you are guaranteed a perfect fit with no break-in period required, no matter what type of leather or other material you choose. 


Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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