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How To Store Your Shoes

How To Store Your Shoes

by Shannon Scott April 06, 2022

You love shoes and can’t get enough. One pair becomes two, two becomes 20 and before you know it, you have a crazy collection of shoes that prevent you from accessing the door or finding a specific pair, etc. So you’re here wondering how to store them all. If it’s any consolation, you are not alone.

Shoes tend to be the most difficult accessories to store; partly because they’re clunky and also because they’re sensitive to environmental factors like humidity, and gravity. The good news is you can store shoes in a safe, easy to access and clean way.



Tips on storage

Here are a few storage tips to make storing shoes easier.

Sort your shoes before storing them

Before deciding how to store your shoes, you need to sort them. First, divide them into two categories; the ones you wear often and those you don’t wear often. Naturally, you wouldn’t need to store the ones you don’t often wear in arm’s reach.

Once you’ve sorted out the ones you wear frequently, group them based on the activity you wear them for. For instance, the ones you wear to work, the gym, lunch/dinner, and so on. This way, you won’t have a hard time finding the shoes you want to wear.

Clean the shoes before storing them

It is essential that you thoroughly clean your shoes before wearing them. If you have any leather shoes , apply leather conditioner on the uppers and soles before storing them.

You should consider stuffing the shoes with acid-free paper. The acid-free paper ensures that the shoe maintains its moisture levels. Additionally, it protects the shoes from deterioration. If the paper isn’t enough to stuff bulky shoes like boots, use muslin fabric in its place. The two play the same role.

Use wooden or plastic shoe trees for long term storage

If you plan to store shoes for a long time, you’ll need shoe trees. A shoe tree will help your high-quality shoe maintain its structure, so you can rest assured that your shoe won’t lose its shape over time. It also prevents creasing of leather.

You must use the correct size. If you don’t, you may end up stretching the shoe. You would be better off buying adjustable shoe trees as they allow you to customize the fit.

Note that you shouldn’t place your shoes on shoe trees the same day you wear them as they may have residual moisture that may lead to dampness and eventually shoe deterioration. Let the shoes rest for at least one day to allow the moisture to evaporate. 

Don’t store your shoes on the floor

Most people store their shoes in a pile in their closet floor space, which isn’t an ideal storage option. When you keep your shoes this way, they are harder to find when you need them. Additionally, they won’t last long as you’re constantly moving them around, searching for the shoes you want to wear. They may also lose their shape in the process.

If you must store them on your closet floor, implement primary shoe organization or use a closet organizer.

Select a shoe organizer that suits you best

Several specialized shoe storage options are available. However, the organization method you choose depends significantly on your storage space and how long you want to store the shoes.

Some storage solutions include; clear shoe boxes with lids, cubby storage, and shoe racks/cabinets.

Clear shoeboxes

Clear shoe boxes are ideal shoe organizers because other than keeping your shoes safe from dust and extreme temperatures, they also make it extremely easy for you to get the shoes you want when you want because they are all visible. Most storage bins and boxes are also see-through, and you can easily stack them together. Clear shoe boxes are ideal for long-term storage. 

Cubby storage

Cubby storage is an ideal storage option for shoes you wear frequently. This is a shoe organization method where you keep each pair of shoes in its compartment. You can opt for cubby organizers that you can place anywhere in the home. You can also opt for bigger ones if you have many pairs of shoes or have one built into your closet.

Shoe racks/cabinets

You can store shoes you frequently wear on a shoe shelf, storage cabinet, or rack that allows for free air circulation but protects them from dust.

You can place your shoe rack at your house’s mudroom, entryway, or any other convenient place where your family members can put their shoes before walking into the house. You can also opt for entryway benches or storage benches where your family members can conveniently store shoes before walking into the house.

A shoe storage bench is ideal if you don’t have a lot of storage space in the house.

Climate-controlled storage

Humidity and temperature extremes tend to make shoes deteriorate faster. Therefore, you should keep all your shoes in a climate-controlled environment. Don’t store them in the attic or basement.

Store boots upright

If you want your boots to last longer, you should store them upright. You can use boot shapers or rolled-up magazines to help them keep their upright shape. This way, they won’t flop over and take up unnecessary space.

Use over-the-door organizers

Over-the-door organizers are ideal for slip-on sandals and flats that you wear regularly. You can hang them over your closet door or bedroom door for easy access. 

Store dressy high heels at the top of your closet

It is unlikely that you wear dressy high heels often. If they don’t fit in your shoe organizers, you can store them on the top shelf of your closet. Arrange them well so that they look organized. Don’t pile one on top of the other.

Use shoe horns when wearing tight-fitting shoes

Sometimes, the shoes you buy are tight-fitting. If you force your foot into the shoe, you may damage its structure. A sturdy shoe horn allows you to easily slide your foot into the shoe while maintaining its shape and structure. Using shoe horns ensures your shoes last longer.


How you store your shoes determines how long they will last. If you keep them properly, they last for a long time and save you a lot of money in the process. Choose a storage organization method that works for you and follow the tips above to store your shoes. You can also buy high quality shoes from our website and rest assured they will serve you for a long time.

We hope this article answers your question about storing all your shoes and remember to choose well and make them last!

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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