Caring for Your Shoes - COMUNITYmade



With just a little bit of love and effort, your new COMUNITYmade shoes can have a long and happy existence. It's not hard, we promise.  

At COMUNITYmade, our philosophy when it comes to buying a pair of new shoes is to "Choose well and make them last."  We have selected premium quality materials and constructions that will provide you the ultimate in comfort and durability for years to come.  Knowing that you will want to take your COMUNITYmade shoes with you on all of your adventures, make sure to take just a little bit of time to show your new best friends some extra care before taking them out into the world.  They in turn, will be there supporting you every step of the way in style.

1. Suede Shoes? Seal them before wearing!

Suede is soft to the touch and gorgeous to look at.  Before your first wearing, make sure you seal in all of those great natural oils that keep them feeling so soft.  Invest in a good shoe cleaning tool and use the suede brush side to fluff up the fibers.  Then apply a thin coat of Suede Protectant / Sealer and let it dry for at least 24 hours before wearing.  Re-apply the protectant every few months and give them a nice gentle brushing.  


2. Liquid spill? Break out some talcum powder or corn meal.

Accidents happen - its a fact of life. But with a bit of quick thinking, nobody ever has to know.  For liquid spills on your suede shoes, dry the spill with a clean cloth and then apply a thin layer of talcum powder or corn meal. Let it set overnight, and then brush the stain with a suede brush to remove the dried powder.  For full grain leather shoes, wipe the spill off as soon as possible with a clean cloth and use a leather cleaner/conditioner to keep your shoes looking great.


3. Dried stains? Grab a dab of white vinegar.

Dried dirt, water or salt on your suede shoes?  Fear not - just grab your suede brush and gently brush off the big chunks.  You can then blot the area with a tiny bit of white vinegar on a clean cloth and dry with a clean towel.  Repeat as needed on the affected area. 


 4. Lacking luster? Time for some basic maintenance.

Is your suede looking a little flat or dull?  Suede contains natural oils that just need a little coaxing once in a while.  Start by finding the nap of the suede (when brushed in a particular direction it will stand up) and use single soft strokes of your suede brush,clean toothbrush or terrycloth towel.  You can even give suede new life with a quick steam clean (not too long) over a pot of boiling water and then a brushing.  
For full grain leather, we recommend a leather conditioning / cleaning balm rubbed on gently with a clean cloth to bring moisten and protect your shoes. 

5. What about cleaning with water? Not the best idea. 

Water is great for hydration, but suede and water don't mix.  If by chance you do get your suede shoes wet, stuff them with old newspaper and let them air dry and then give them a nice brushing as explained in No. 4


 6. Tried everything and nothing is working? Get your suede shoes professionally cleaned.

Sometimes it is best left up to a professional to bring your suede shoes back to life.   Plus, it is always a good idea to clean your favorite shoes before you put your shoes in storage during the "messier" days or months depending on where you live.  Here in Southern California that would qualify as the one or two days a year it actually rains.  
Find Your Perfect Size

We want to help make sure that your new shoes have the best fit possible.  

We have created a separate fit for men and women to provide the ultimate foot hugging comfort.  Our sockliner and upper materials will naturally mold to your foot and stretch out after a short period of time, so do allow for this when trying our shoes on initially.


 In general, our shoes are running closer to an everyday shoe fit vs. an athletic shoe fit and can be worn with or without socks - but the socks have to be eye catching for best results.


Any variances from this chart will be noted on each individual product page.