We have found our Home Away From Home right in the heart of the Los Angeles Arts District.


Our space at 584 Mateo Street will serve as COMUNITY headquarters, as well as our showroom and event space complete with a cobbling station and front lounge area. Right now, it looks like a potential roller derby rink, but the sun is always shining in and the vibes are so inspiring. We are in the process of getting walls knocked down and furniture built so that we can welcome you all starting in August 2017.  

We have BIG plans for this space, as a spot for you to hang out, meet new friends and talk about ways to get involved in our community. Our “front living room” will be a place to come and sip your coffee, cozy up, recharge, network, or even try on some of our shoes available for purchase. Check out the renderings below courtesy of Pepper and Salt Design for a peek behind the scenes of what we have planned.

We'll also host events to benefit our COMUNITY partners and connect people to make good things happen. Showcasing the arts, music, education, and community involvement, these happenings are sure to be good times all around. We'll keep you posted on our progress, and we look forward to having you join us soon!