We believe in supporting the local economy and bringing back the lost art of quality manufacturing to the city of Los Angeles.

Our shoes are made right here in Los Angeles by highly skilled craftsmen who have perfected the art of shoemaking. By producing locally, we have the opportunity to help support commerce in our community, allowing our workers to build build a sense of ownership and pride. The skilled labor jobs provided by factories are part of the foundation of a healthy community. We will have a cobbling station in our showroom to educate customers on the fine art and craftsmanship required to build a product locally.

We are committed to making the most sustainable and responsible decisions in developing and manufacturing our products. In creating our shoes, our goal is to utilize the local materials and construction methods available to us. We are personally involved in the selection of all materials in COMUNITY shoes and are driven by quality, sourcing only the best materials. We are also driven by our consciences, so we are careful to select materials from known sources. Many of our materials may come from overseas, not because it’s less expensive but because the best shoemaking materials are very hard to come by in the USA. For example, the best leathers currently come from Italy and the best high-elastic EVA cushioning material comes from China. We are eager to create sources for these in the USA. When we do, you'll be the first to hear about it because we’ll be too proud and excited to keep it to ourselves. 

We believe it is important to be transparent during this journey and want you to understand some of the challenges we are up against by manufacturing in Los Angeles. We believe in fair business practices and fair wages for everyone involved. Our pricing model is different. We've placed community before cost. Unlike most shoes, the majority of the cost to produce our shoes is in the labor to handcraft them.  As a result, COMUNITY shoes are not cheap. That's OK... for now.  We are confident this the right way to approach business for the long term. 

To illustrate this point, here is an apples to apples comparison of a "virtual shoe" using the same styling, materials and construction.  You may pay a little bit more for our shoes up front, but you will be able to wear them and love them for a long time!