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What Makes Shoes Turn Into Luxury Shoes?

What Makes Shoes Turn Into Luxury Shoes?

by Shannon Scott October 01, 2021 1 Comment

If you have been in the market for shoes, you’ve probably noticed that not all shoes are created equally. Some are just shoes, while others are luxury shoes with timeless style, Vibram soles, or that stand the test of time. This probably got you thinking about the difference. In this article, we’ll answer that and then dive deeper into the qualities that set luxury shoes apart from the “normal” shoes.

What is a luxury shoe?

As the name suggests, luxury shoes are elegant shoes that provide great comfort, style, and class. They are highly desirable and mostly associated with the affluent in society. A lot goes into making the comfortable wear: from exceptionally expensive materials to hundreds of hours of painstaking handwork to expertise. This explains why luxury shoes are rare, timeless, personalized, and, as you might have guessed already, expensive.

What sets luxury shoes apart?

Luxury shoes are expensive

Famous shoe brands love to talk about their traditions and history, meticulous craftsmanship, and best materials. However, this is far from everything that makes up the cost of shoes from a well-known brand. Money spent on royalties, ad campaigns, modeling, and celebrities – all this adds to the cost.

So, if you were to compare “normal” shoes and luxury shoes, you’ll notice a considerable price difference. But the price is only the start. Many other things set luxury shoes apart from the rest, which brings us to the next point.

Luxury shoes are rare

Luxury shoes are anything but commonplace. You won’t easily find one at the store or even online. That’s because brands count on a simple economic principle of demand and supply. If the demand surpasses the supply, the product becomes more desirable to the audience. This is how top shoe brands distinguish themselves in the market. They release a limited edition of every new shoe, making it more valuable in the eyes of its loyal client base.

There are plenty of well-made, beautiful shoes, which are seen as very common because of their accessibility. People don’t view them as luxury shoes because they are common and easy to own. Some intricately designed shoes with years of engineering are not luxury shoes because they’re readily available. Nike Air MAG 2016 is an excellent example of a luxury shoe. The brand manufactured only 89 pieces, making them incredibly rare.

Luxury shoes are made out of quality materials

Quality material is another trait that makes a shoe a luxury shoe. It’s easy to tell luxury shoes apart from the average ones based on colors and materials. Luxury shoemakers only use premium materials like genuine leather, wood, or canvas to create a durable sole and other parts of luxury shoes. Every single part is crafted out of exceptionally expensive materials from welt to wheeling and toe cap to back trap.

Genuine leather is one great example of material used to make luxury shoes. Genuine leather doesn’t just look good; it feels good. It also adapts to the foot and lasts for years to come. The makers of luxury shoes don’t skimp on quality lining materials either. Instead, they use supple leather to ensure comfort. They also only use stitches to hold pieces together as opposed to glue.

Luxury shoes are a work of art

Quality stitching and high standards of craftsmanship that are hard to reproduce by machine embody true luxury shoes. The touch of authentic craftsmanship is second to none for these shoes. You could quickly identify luxury shoes by their sleek design and the attention to detail that go into their making.

From unique hand-painted patterns and embellishment to discretely placed tags and stitches, luxury shoes are truly a work of art. Their classic style makes them appealing to the eye. It’s hard not to look twice. They are called designers precisely for this visual appeal – the shoes are specifically made to make a visual impression on the leg.

Luxury shoes are made with extraordinary craftsmanship

These shoes are handmade with meticulous detail and discipline. In many cases, they are made with a customer in mind. For example, they can include diamonds or embellishments that reflect the wearer’s tastes and preferences.

With such a level of extraordinary craftsmanship, it is hard not to notice the difference once the shoe is ready to be worn. The fact that luxury shoes are handcrafted by passionate designers makes them unique. The “normal” shoes are often mass-produced.

Luxury shoes last long

With all the details, craftsmanship, and materials that go into the process, you can expect nothing but a long-lasting shoe. Luxury shoes are built to last because of the premium materials and best construction. As mentioned earlier, leather – a common material used on luxury shoes – is durable. In fact, the shoe becomes even more comfortable with time. So, one enjoys years of stunning beauty and a timeless look, which brings us to the last point.

Luxury shoes are timeless

Luxury shoes don’t appear because of a fad or trend. They have been around for centuries and could easily be in fashion 100 years from now. At least, this is the perception that many luxury brands encourage. Many luxury shoemakers incorporate the timeless factor of luxury brands, allowing users to enjoy their shoes for years without worrying about being out of place – fashion-wise. 

Why buy luxury shoes?

So, why would one pay much more for a luxury shoe when they can buy a cheaper alternative?


Buying luxury is buying quality. Luxury brands care about their heritage and reputation, work with the best craftsmen, and use high-end materials to make unique shoes.


Nothing shows status better than a pair of shoes. Luxury ones take the game to a whole new level. Wealthy people invest in expensive shoes to showcase their status, gain a sense of belonging or acceptance of peers, or represent their success in life.


A person’s buying decision might be driven by the desire to stand out amongst their peers. They might buy a luxury shoe to feel better than others or show off that they’re more fortunate or privileged than others.


Some people buy luxury shoes to boost their moods. They might buy designer shoes as a reward for hard work or boost their self-esteem when they feel down.


Some don’t like wearing something that every other person wears. So, they go for exclusivity.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


1 Response

Robian Rose
Robian Rose

December 23, 2021

This is good to know I would rather pay for a pair of luxury shoes than a closet full of cheap knock-offs that will fall apart later. But only for my every day my luxury shoe has to be diverse not just for once a week.

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