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What Makes a Shoe Comfortable?

What Makes a Shoe Comfortable?

by Shannon Scott March 09, 2022

Most people own several pairs of shoes, yet only wear a few. Not because they don't love them, but for reasons like discomfort. Shoes tend to look attractive at the store and even seem to fit perfectly. But when you finally wear them to work, school, or an occasion, they hurt your feet, and you never feel like wearing them again.

If you can't seem to buy comfy shoes, you are not alone. Most men and women have trouble selecting comfortable, supportive shoes.

This article will discuss the various elements that make shoes comfortable, things to consider when buying shoes, and the most comfortable shoes for men and women. Additionally, we will look at the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. Read on.

Elements that make shoes comfortable

Here are features that make shoes comfortable, supportive, and easy to wear.

Flat base

Shoes with a flat base are more comfortable than those with raised heels. They are even safer because of how weight distributes evenly across your feet when you walk.

Firm sole

The sole of your shoe should be firm enough to provide the much-needed stability. The stronger your sole is, the more stable your shoes will be. A firm sole should also provide enough padding between your foot and the ground. If the sole is too thin and flexible, a pair of walking shoes may hurt your feet.

Foam insole

Insoles provide your feet a padded surface on which to walk throughout the day. Shoes with memory foam insoles are comfortable because they take the shape of your foot to ensure maximum comfort.

Padded lining

The lining in your shoes should ensure your feet don't slide and rub without constricting flexibility.

Ideally, your shoes should have padding on the top part, the side of the foot, and around the ankle. If you buy heels, they should have padding around the heels and toes because you will likely strain these areas while walking. Extra padding guarantees comfort, and you can rest assured that you won't get blisters. 

Enough room in the shoes

If you do not buy the correct shoe size, the shoes will be uncomfortable. Your feet need to have enough room in the shoe. You should be able to slightly wiggle your toes when you have them on. If you can't move your toes at all, the shoes are too tight and will be uncomfortable in the long run.

If you have wide feet, don't force them into narrow shoes. You will end up in pain. Try a shoe with a wide toe box instead. 

Things to consider when buying shoes

Here are a few things you need to consider when buying shoes to avoid ending up with uncomfortable shoes. 

Shoe size

Your shoes will only be comfortable if you buy the correct size. Your shoe size may vary depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process. This means the size you measure may not always fit, so it is best to fit shoes before buying them.

It is also best to fit shoes in the afternoon because feet tend to swell during the day. If you plan to wear the shoes with socks on, have your socks with you when you go for a fitting.


Your shoes should be stable enough to support your weight. If you have wide flat feet, your shoes should provide enough support for your arches. If your feet are rigid and arched, you are better off buying flexible shoes as they would be more comfortable.

You can look at how rigid the heel counter is to determine its stability. You can also try to twist it. If it bends too much, the chances are that it is not stable. 


The shape of your foot determines which shape of shoes suits you best, whether you are buying a road running shoe, trail running shoes, or any other type of shoe. Shoes can be straight lasted, semi-curved, or curved. Avoid buying curved shoes if you have straight feet, as they will be super uncomfortable.

Your shoe should also have a perfectly fitting toe box. The toe box should be wide enough to accommodate your toes.


It would be best to buy comfortable shoes that suit your style. If they are comfortable but not stylish, you may not wear them at all, and if they are stylish but uncomfortable, they will hurt your feet. Find a balance between style and comfort.

It would be best to buy shoes from a reputable shoe brand like COMUNITYmade. You can be sure that we use high-quality materials to guarantee comfort.

The most comfortable shoes for women are:

  • Boots with low, chunky heels - if you are looking to keep your feet warm during winter and be comfortable while at it, these boots are the ideal choice.
  • Flat shoes with padded heels and rounded toes are comfortable and ideal for warmer months.
  • Comfortable sneakers with a full grain leather or mesh upper.
  • Low-heeled shoes- generally, low-heeled shoes are comfortable. They offer more arch support than high heels.
  • Chunky heels - these are ideal because they offer more support than stilettos.

Why should you wear comfortable shoes?

Most people disregard comfort when they see pretty shoes, not knowing the importance of wearing comfortable shoes. Common sense tells that your body will feel good if you treat your feet right. 

Other than foot pain, wearing uncomfortable shoes exposes you to serious health issues, including; joint pains,  collapsed arches, and back pain. You may also experience short-term problems like corns, blisters, nail problems, athlete's foot, gait problems, and foot arch issues. Uncomfortable shoes may also cause bad posture since you can't keep a straight back when your feet hurt.

Wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes helps you avoid all the issues mentioned above.

Get comfortable shoes today

Every day, you spend a significant number of hours standing or walking. If you wear uncomfortable shoes, they may ruin your whole day. On the other hand, not all comfortable shoes are ugly. You can always get the best of both worlds – good looking shoes that are comfortable. 

At COMUNITYmade, your comfort is our priority. We use high-quality materials in the shoe manufacturing process to guarantee comfort.

All of our shoes are handmade in Los Angeles by highly-skilled craftspeople with many years of experience. You can rest assured that our comfortable shoes will last for a long time. You can also create a custom shoe with us.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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