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What Are Driving Shoes?

What Are Driving Shoes?

by Shannon Scott September 03, 2021

Driving shoes, also known as driving loafers, are a must-have pair of, especially during the summertime. They exhibit the comfort of traditional driving moccasins and the dressiness of penny loafers. Manufacturers make them using leather or suede.

Driving shoes are dress shoes since they do not expose your feet. They are also not like sneakers, boots or racing shoes as they perfectly fit in the smart-casual category.

As their name suggests, driving shoes were initially meant for driving. With time, people started wearing them in other contexts, thanks to their classic design. 

If you do not have these shoes in your closet, you are missing out. They are perfect for road trips, beach events, casual events, and so much more. 

We will discuss driving shoes in detail and give you tips on when and how to wear them. Additionally, we will tell you how to take care of your driving shoes, so keep reading.

What are they?

Simply put, shoes made for driving are slip-on, comfortable, and cozy shoes made from leather or suede. Their thin soles are very flexible and have small rubber pebbles. The pebbled sole enhances the grip of the shoe. For added comfort, some brands use memory foam. 

Driving shoes are easy to change into because they don’t have laces as they were initially designed for driving. 

In terms of appearance, driving shoes are laidback yet dapper. Being a sleek slip-on, it is ideal for numerous occasions. Every modern man needs to consider owning driving shoes. They are fashionable, affordable, and, most importantly, comfortable. Additionally, you can easily pair them with several outfits. The outfit you pair driving shoes with greatly depends on the occasion, and we’ll give you a few options.

When to wear driving shoes

If you’ve been wondering when you’d wear driving shoes, here are a few options for you. Always remember to keep it simple, because the shoes will still make you look elegant.

  1. On summer vacations

Since you can dress up or dress down when wearing these shoes, they are ideal for summer vacations. You can wear them for several events including those at the beach. Pair the driving shoes with shorts and a polo t-shirt then accessorize with beaded bracelets sunglasses.

Driving shoes are also ideal for summer weddings by the beach . The rubber pebbled sole driving shoes, the better for you.

  1. During road trips

Since driving shoes were originally meant for driving, it is only logical that they are ideal for road trips. Everyone should own at least one pair of shoes for driving they can wear during road trips because they are comfortable and elegant. You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt then complete the look with stylish sunglasses.

  1. Smart casual occasions/events

Casual events are a perfect place to rock your driving shoes. If you get an invite to one, pair them with chinos, a shirt and a blazer. This look would work for both day and night occasions.

  1. Business trips

If you are going on a business trip, driving shoes will come in very handy. They are comfortable, presentable, and can be worn with a suit, or a business shirt and cotton trousers. Navy blue or brown driving shoes would be an excellent option, especially if you decide to wear a grey or blue suit.

  1. Casual days

Suppose you want a stylish casual outfit for the day, pair driving shoes with jeans and a crew-neck t-shirt. If it’s cold outside, wear a sweater. This look is simple yet so stylish.

  1. Sailing trips

Instead of boat shoes, wear driving shoes during your sailing trips. Pair them with chino shorts and a linen shirt. You can also wear a cotton shirt as long as it is light. Leather shoes are a great choice, but if you choose to wear suede, use a waterproof spray on them before you leave.

Tips on wearing driving shoes

Here are a few tips that could be useful when it comes to driving shoes.

  1. Always make sure that the shoes are neat. Don’t wear them if they are not clean. They will spoil your entire look.
  2. Do not wear socks if you wear driving shoes. But if you must, then go for invisible socks that allow you to flash your ankle as it enhances the elegance of the shoe.
  3. For a relaxed look, pair your driving shoes with chinos, slim jeans, or cotton shorts. If you want to look elegant or sophisticated, wear a slim-cut suit.
  4. For a bold look, wear suede driving shoes and for a classic look, wear leather driving shoes.
  1. Don’t walk too much when wearing shoes for driving because they tend to wear out rather quickly.

How to take care of driving shoes

Here is how to take care of shoes made for driving so that they last for much longer.

  1. Use a brush to clean the shoes

Use a suede brush to remove dirt clogged on the suede driving shoes. To ensure you do not change the appearance of your shoes, brush in the direction of the shoe material.  Always clean leather driving shoes with leather conditioners.

  1. Use spray protection

Always use spray protection on shoes before wearing or cleaning them. The spray ensures that dirt does not cause damage or mat the material down.

  1. Don’t walk with them in rainy weather

It is best if you don’t wear shoes in rainy weather as water may make them wear out faster. Note that spray protection does not make driving shoes water resistant.

  1. If wet, let them dry naturally

If you unfortunately get your shoes wet, let them dry naturally. Do not place them close to a source of heat because the heat may damage your shoes.

  1. Buy several pairs so that you wear them in rotation

Driving shoes tend to wear out faster when won often. If you like driving shoes, invest in several pairs so that you don’t wear one pair too often.


Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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