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Make a Fall Fashion Statement With Your Own Custom Shoes!

Make a Fall Fashion Statement With Your Own Custom Shoes!

by Sean Scott November 27, 2022

This is it. Don't dilly-dally. This is your time to show the world your own unique sense of design. The launch of Fall Fashions is typically an exciting time for designers from around the world to present their new lineup. What are you doing right now? Could you conceptualize your own handmade shoes with the help of the skilled craftspeople at COMUNITYmade. Well? What are you waiting for? Let your design spirit soar!

It's Easier Than You Think

A long time ago, if you wanted to be a shoe designer, you'd spend many years as an apprentice doing extremely fulfilling jobs like sweeping the cobbler's nails off the floor, sorting scraps of leather, and cleaning up sticky shoe glue from just about everywhere.

If you were diligent enough and lucky enough, someday in the far-off future, you might learn how to make leather shoes. Eventually, you just might have permission to pick your own color or pattern. The folks at ComunityMade have changed all that.

All you need to do to get started designing your own pair of shoes is to make an appointment. For everything else, a team of artisans will guide you through the entire design and production process.


Mere Shoe Decoration Vs. Custom Shoe Design

There's a world of difference between decorating an existing shoe with some basic online tools on a website and creating a fully custom shoe design with your very own specifications. But hey, if a few decorations are all you want, then you might as well pick up some markers and some nail polish and get at it.

Here are some of the reasons why true trendsetters choose custom-made:

Social media is filled with people bragging about the "custom" shoes they designed online. The trouble is way too many of these “designs”  are slight variations on the identical theme.
A little splash of color here and there on the same basic shoe is only "quasi-custom." The shoes you design with COMUNITYmade will be truly unique. They aren't just a pair of off-the-shelf kicks with a little dab of color here and there.

Have you ever had your foot measured by a footwear expert? And no, we're not just talking about one of these from The Brannock Device Co. Your feet deserve better than that. Remember, your feet are just as unique as your hands, so give them their due. If you had your hands stuffed into factory-made torture devices, you'd be pretty picky about how they fit.

You wouldn't believe how much science and research goes into the tread design for different shoes. The goal is proper grip, and this depends on exactly what surfaces and what forces will be involved.
It might sound silly, but when you consider how many falls occur because of shoes slipping, you'll understand why it's so important. And by the way, purpose-built doesn't mean boring. These moon boots from NASA spawned a whole shoe trend for boots back in the day.

Yup, that's what the walk down the aisle is called, a "Wedding Processional" . Why not look your best for that special day? Or, maybe you'll be called up on stage to receive an award, and you can bet just about everyone will wish they were in your shoes. It might be a graduation ceremony with everyone wearing those identical gowns, but your shoes can cry out your individuality. You can have a perfect match for your special occasion.

High heels or high-top custom sneakers? Radical new shoe styles or traditional bespoke shoes? No matter what you dream of, you can turn it into a reality with a pair of custom-handmade shoes of your very own design. And did we mention how much fun you'll have? From the shoe fitting to the shoe findings, you'll have a great time exploring how creative you can be.

When you start with the best hand-picked materials, durability is built-in. The extra attention to even the smallest details at every stage of construction guarantees you get the high quality possible. The time-tested performance of natural leathers and the finest in high-tech composites are carefully combined to give you the support and toughness you want.

Not only will you feel like part of the family when you work together with our team of craftspeople, but every pair of custom shoes you buy will mean a portion of the proceeds goes to help support a charity of your choice.

What Inspires You?

It might be a memory of a special moment. Perhaps it's a strong sense of individuality. It might even be a touch of the divine. For those of us more down to earth, here are some resources you can pore over to feed your creative spirit.

  • Woman&Home is an excellent source of emerging shoe trends. They have an excellent team of fashion editors who stay on top of what's hot for fall. Scan through their pick for this season and add your own twist.
  • WhoWhatWear will give you a peek at the finest for Fall&Winter 2022.
  • Vogue ...'nuff said.
  • Marie Claire features some of the most coveted shoe trends on the horizon. Not a bad place to start in order to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Stylecaster features the hottest shoes but where they really shine is in their lineup of fashion-forward sneakers.
  • Net-A-Porter will blow you away with its exposé of the hottest sneakers from around the world.

It's Time To Step Up Above The Crowd

How many of these names do you recognize?
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Edgardo Osorio
  • Stuart Weitzman
  • Gianvito Rossi
  • Nicholas Kirkwood
  • Tobie Hatfield
  • Robbie Fuller
  • Peter Moore
  • Scott Hewett

Do you know what they have that you don't? A custom shoe made from their very own design. Ready to design your own custom shoe? Make an appointment with us today!

Sean Scott
Sean Scott


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Find Your Perfect Size

We want to help make sure that your new shoes have the best fit possible.  

We have created a separate fit for men and women to provide the ultimate foot hugging comfort.  Our sockliner and upper materials will naturally mold to your foot and stretch out after a short period of time, so do allow for this when trying our shoes on initially.


 In general, our shoes are running closer to an everyday shoe fit vs. an athletic shoe fit and can be worn with or without socks - but the socks have to be eye catching for best results.


Any variances from this chart will be noted on each individual product page.