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Love Wins During Pride Month

Love Wins During Pride Month

by Shannon Scott June 10, 2023

June is a time of warmth, sunshine, and, most importantly, it’s Pride Month. A month-long celebration where love, diversity, and acceptance take center stage and where people around the world show their unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community. This year, in line with this beautiful celebration of unity and love, we want to draw your attention to a vibrant splash of color: COMUNITYmade's exclusive line of Rainbow Shoes. These delightful kicks are not just fashion-forward but are also a tangible symbol of Pride Month, enabling you to express your support for the community and its ethos in a fun and fashionable way.

Super Cute Custom Design Shoes

COMUNITYmade is renowned for creating high-quality, handcrafted shoes that do more than just cover your feet; they tell a story. And this Pride Month, they've taken their passion for community engagement a step further with their Rainbow Shoes – comfortable footwear that’s high quality and SUPER CUTE.

Each design is a fabulous amalgamation of craftsmanship and style. And best of all, these shoes are not just for LGBTQ+ individuals but for all gender identities. Their unisex design, coupled with an eye-catching spectrum of colors, embodies the message of inclusivity, diversity, and self-expression, mirroring the spirit of Pride Month.

Stand Up For What’s Right and Stand Out From The Crowd

Whether you’re searching for custom sneakers and custom design shoes or a pair of everyday running shoes with a twist, you’ll have plenty to pick from at COMUNITYmade. We use a rainbow motif, signifying the array of identities within the LGBTQ+ community, thereby presenting a bold statement of support.

However, they're not just about the aesthetics. These shoes are the embodiment of the phrase, "Walk a mile in someone's shoes." By putting these on, you're standing in solidarity with every person who's ever been marginalized because of their gender or sexual orientation.

If You Talk the Talk, Now You Can Walk the Walk

There are lots of ways to show your support. You can take part in a local gay pride march.  You can also contact local charities and volunteer. A simple act of kindness goes a long way.

Now, let's talk about how your love of shoes can help fuel positive change. COMUNITYmade will donate up to 20% of every sale from the Rainbow Shoes line – and you get to decide which community organization or local charity it goes to. That means not only do you get to step out in style, but you also get to make a direct impact on the lives of individuals who need your support.

By choosing to wear and walk in these shoes, you're helping to propel movements like LGBTQ+ advocacy, pushing for a more accepting and inclusive world.

Why the Rainbow Motif?

The rainbow flag, synonymous with the LGBTQ+ community today, has an interesting history. The flag, with its spectrum of colors, was first introduced by artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker in 1978. Each color had a symbolic meaning: hot pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for art, indigo for harmony, and violet for spirit.

Baker was inspired to create a symbol of pride for the LGBTQ+ community, something that could embody their diversity, unity, and hope. The rainbow was chosen because it is a natural symbol spanning all cultures, times, and places, and it encapsulates the breadth, diversity, and beauty of the LGBTQ+ community.

Over the years, the rainbow flag has become an international emblem of pride, acceptance, and advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights, and its representation in various forms, including the rainbow motif in fashion, reaffirms this message of love and unity.

COMUNITYmade and the Rainbow Motif

Promoting the rainbow motif is much more than a design choice, but a commitment by COMUNITYmade to channel the power of fashion for social good. Their initiative echoes the core principle of Pride Month: love wins. It is an opportunity for us to rally behind a cause that champions love, acceptance, and equality, breaking free from the shackles of prejudice and discrimination.

Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or consider yourself an ally, these Rainbow Shoes are more than just a piece of footwear; they're a symbol of hope, solidarity, and empowerment. They allow us to tread the path of inclusivity and diversity, leaving behind footprints of change.

Buying a pair of these shoes can help make a difference in so many ways. It supports LGBTQ+ inclusive small businesses, promotes visibility and recognition of the community, and significantly, it contributes to charitable causes that work tirelessly to ensure a safer, more accepting society for all.

Remember, Pride Isn't Just About Parades And Parties

It’s about acknowledging the struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community and standing up for equal rights and acceptance. It's about showing love, showing support, and making sure everyone knows they're not alone.

COMUNITYmade Will Show You the Way

Maybe you’ve never worked with designers and craftspeople to have your own custom-made shoes or even a pair of personalized shoes. That’s okay. We promise to make every step of the way lots of fun. Click here for just a few of the steps.

Creating custom-made shoes is an art form that blends precise craftsmanship with personalization. First, precise measurements of the client's feet are taken. Next, a unique design is drafted, and materials are selected based on the client's preferences. The shoe pieces are then cut, assembled, and sewn. The soles are attached, followed by polishing and finishing. The result is a pair of shoes that fits perfectly and reflects the unique style and personality of the wearer.

We are local, so drop by to see us! COMUNITYmade is located right here in the heart of Los Angeles, and we’d love nothing more for you to drop by and meet some of our artists and artisans.

Celebrate Diversity

So, this June, join the worldwide movement and stride into Pride Month with our Rainbow Shoes. Don't forget that when we stand together, LOVE ALWAYS WINS. Flaunt your colors, show your support, and most importantly, let your love shine through. Happy Pride Month!

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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