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How to Wear Leather Shoes with Style

How to Wear Leather Shoes with Style

by Sean Scott January 13, 2019

Leather isn’t just for high-end, professional penny loafers. Learn how to dress your leather shoes up or down at

While footwear has changed over the years with each generation putting its own spin on style and functionality, one thing has not changed; leather still remains a preferred choice when it comes to shoe wear and has been for many centuries. Its versatility and ability to adapt to the ever changing trends has made it possible to be accepted by every generation that has come before us, and most likely those that will come later.>

Whether you are looking to sport casual leather shoes or you’re preparing a more professional business look, there is a quality leather shoe that has been perfectly designed to reflect the right look for whatever occasion it is.


How the Right Shoes Can Upgrade your Streetwear

One of the newer fashion trends is wearing dress shoes with jeans. This style has been commonly accepted in the latest fashion circles because it bridges the gap that exists between formal and casual wear so that you can still look very stylish but be dressed down at the same time. Whether you are a man or a woman, you cannot underestimate the power of what a good pair of leather shoes can do to complete your casual ensemble.

However, to perfect this look there are some definite rules to follow. With the right pair of jeans and the right pair of shoes you can create a very stylish look that will turn heads. But to pull off this look with style, you have to follow two basic rules before you can call it a success.



Rule #1: Look for Quality

One of the key secrets to creating that successful look is to invest in a quality pair of casual leather shoes. Some may conclude that high quality leather shoes are much too expensive and would prefer to buy more affordable options. But, the reality is that if you buy cheap, you won’t be able to get the look you’re hoping for. However, if you consider your shoe shopping as an investment, then yes, you will pay more for a good pair of leather shoes, but they will not only look better but will last longer. Some people have been known keep their shoes for decades. This is especially important for men where their styles do not vary as often as women. So, in order to take a pair of jeans up a notch from the pure casual, choose a good quality pair of leather shoes to finish off the look.


Rule #2: Choose the Right Color

The color is also very important. While leather shoes can come in a wide variety of colors, you want to make absolutely sure that you choose a color that will go well with a wide variety of outfits. This way, your shoes will blend well with whatever you choose to wear. Whether you’re using leather dress shoes or you’re investing in a pair of leather sneakers, always make sure that the color you purchase doesn’t make your feet stand out as something separate from whatever you’re wearing. We have a nice selection of men's and women's leather shoes and leather sneakers to pull off any look you want.

To make sure that you’re finding the right leather, you need to shop at a place where you know you’re getting good quality products. Just as important as it is to find good quality products, you need to buy from a reputable dealer that offers some of the most fashionable looks for both men and women for their time. Look for shoes that are not only stylish looking but are also designed and constructed to be comfortable in every way. When you choose from a fine selection of handmade shoes you get the ultra-comfort you need along with the style you need.

Finally, to make sure you wear the right casual wear to set it off right. Look for styles that will not bury or cover your stylish leather shoes but will show them off. That way, when you step out on the town, whether you’re planning to dress up or dress down, you will have a look that will turn people’s heads and let them know that you understand what true style really is.

Sean Scott
Sean Scott


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