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How COVID-19 Brought Back Golf

by Shannon Scott July 23, 2020

While the majority of COVID-19’s consequences remain largely unmeasured, there is one thing that is for certain – more and more people have been flocking to the green – playing golf, that is – recently. Although golf itself has been a favorite pastime of many, its player base has been dwindling in recent years.

After months of self-isolation, a majority of essential businesses are finally starting to reopen. The United States is still waging its battle against the dangerous virus known as COVID-19, or coronavirus. Many of its future impacts remain to be seen. as researchers are still unsure how this virus will affect future day-to-day living. As of now, the majority of states in America have, once again, begun to see a rise in newly reported cases as people try to get back to their normal lives. Unfortunately, it is starting to look like we may be living with this threat for far longer than we initially thought, and many – if not all – of us are not entirely sure what the future may look like in the coming months.

Perhaps what's driving the restlessness of Americans is that this deadly pandemic decided to rear its ugly head during our summer season – a time that is usually filled with sports, picnics, family outings, get-togethers at the bar and other outside celebrations that usually draw large crowds. Some states mandate people to wear masks when out in public, and others have decided to take a more laid-back approach, in hopes that COVID-19 just dies out on its own. Here is a diagram that shows which states do and don't require people to wear face coverings in public.

While the majority of COVID-19’s consequences remain largely unmeasured, there is one thing that is for certain – more and more people have been flocking to the green – playing golf, that is – recently. Although golf itself has been a favorite pastime of many, its player base has been dwindling in recent years. The reason for this is rather unclear; some speculate that it's the failing economy, or that it's simply because golf, as a hobby, requires too much time for the average person to devote much attention to.

Well, move over Corona, because now, more than ever, people are, once again, picking up their clubs and going out to play a round of 18 holes. The reasons for the recent uptick in golf participation seem to be aplenty. For the vast majority of people, being shut in their homes for days on end, with little but nothing to do, can cause a serious case of the condition known as cabin fever. This feeling leaves people with few options, as their normal outings – such as meeting up with friends or hitting the gym – are no longer available. However, golf is deemed a socially safe activity, and that's why many golf courses have been allowed to stay open while other businesses have to stay closed, causing a new flock of people to play the once-dying sport. 



Golf is a sport that naturally lends itself to social distancing. For the most part, when you're playing golf, you don't come in close contact with other groups playing on the course. It is very easy to remain six feet away from somebody and keep a safe distance, especially from members that aren't a part of your golf party. This has allowed families stuck at home the chance to get out in the sun with some fresh air, all while enjoying a fun recreational activity. Adding this to the fact that most people are opting to push off their family vacation to another summer and staying put instead, many families are already having to find new activities to keep themselves busy while the weather is nice outside. 

Of course, golf courses have had to implement their own new sets of procedures in order to keep in compliance with new COVID-19 regulations. Depending on the area in which you plan to golf, this could include things like: limiting the amount of players per party, inability to use golf carts and not being able to rent any equipment. Keep in mind that staff may also be reduced in order to provide the safest experience possible. The hope is that anybody planning to visit a golf course this summer will be safe doing so, but, as always, use your best judgment. 

Since most golf courses are not allowing the rental of equipment, it may be best to check ahead so that you know everything you need to bring with you. This may mean getting your own set of clubs and investing in a push cart so that you don't have to carry your clubs around the entire time that you are on the course. An important thing to remember is to dress comfortably, and wear clothing that is breathable so that you don't get too sweaty while playing, especially on a hot summer day. Always check the weather before going so that you know what to be prepared for. 

Another important part of being prepared to go golfing are, of course, the golf shoes! Golf shoes are important because they are specifically designed to keep the player balanced and stable, yet flexible, during their swing. It may seem simple enough to try golfing without them, but once you get on the green, you will surely notice how slippery normal shoes are! This is why finding a good pair of golf shoes is important to enjoying a good round of golf.

Thankfully, there are many different types of golf shoes available on the market, so any player will be sure to find a pair that they like! The most common golf shoes include:

The classic spiked/cleated golf shoe - These are, perhaps, the most popular type of golf shoe that have the classic spike or cleat on the bottom.

The spikeless golf shoe - These golf shoes somewhat stray from the norm, as they do not appear to have any spikes. Instead, they have rubber stubs or dimpled soles that provide the extra grip needed when playing golf.

The golf boot - For those who like a good boot, or need a little bit more stability around the ankle, then this is the golf shoe for you!

Golf sandals - This golf sandal is for the laid-back golfer, as it still provides all the benefits of a golf shoe without really being a shoe – because it's a sandal.



If you're looking for a good, high-quality spikeless golf shoe, you've come to the right place! COMUNITYmade has collaborated with The Number Thirty Three, to design the perfect one for any golfer – novice or pro! Made with premium Italian leather, an OrthoLite® anti-microbial insole and a high-elastic EVA midsole, they provide traction and durability on multiple surfaces. Perfect for the golf course! They are currently offering the shoe in three different colors; you can purchase them here!

We hope that this virus motivates you to get out there and pick up an old hobby or try a new sport! 


Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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