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Finding the Perfect Community Space for Your Event

Finding the Perfect Community Space for Your Event

by Shannon Scott September 28, 2023

Staying connected to your community is one of the most important and rewarding life goals. Regardless of how you define your own community, tribe, neighborhood, extended family, or peeps, being there for each other is the key to living a happy and full life.

At COMUNITYmade, we love our community of artisans, designers, neighbors, and clients. It’s so important to us, it’s in our name. We’re very proud of our neighborhood here in Los Angeles, and inviting people into our building to look around makes it fun for everyone. (Don’t be surprised when you visit – we might even show off a little here and there.)

One of the things that makes us happy is to offer our event space for people who want to celebrate and gather with their own community. If that’s you, you’re in luck. Call us anytime to let us know what you have in mind.

Plan an Event

Event planning involves numerous considerations, and among the most crucial is choosing a venue. In a vibrant city like Los Angeles, community space and event space options abound. Whether you are organizing a charity fundraiser, workshop, or social gathering, the right venue can make or break your event. In this article, we provide insights into venue hunting, event venue selection, and more.

Selecting an Accessible Location

When choosing a venue, accessibility is paramount. Los Angeles is vast, so opt for locations that are well-connected to major highways and public transportation. Location amenities such as ample parking and ADA compliance are essential for accommodating all guests. Your choice will impact the convenience and experience of your attendees.

Matching Venue to Theme and Purpose

When exploring community spaces, keep in mind that the theme and purpose of your event should align with the venue's ambiance. For instance, a vintage-themed charity fundraiser might warrant a space with rustic charm, while a tech workshop could benefit from a sleek, modern setting. Analyze your event's objectives to ensure harmony between theme and venue.

Know Your Audience

Understanding the type of people you want to attract is key. Professionals might prefer venues in business districts, while a more artistic crowd might gravitate towards spaces in areas like Downtown LA’s Arts District. The locale plays a significant role in your event's appeal.

Location Amenities

Features and amenities should be high on your checklist when exploring community spaces. Does the venue offer audio-visual equipment, seating arrangements, and catering options? These amenities can significantly enhance the experience of your event.

Securing Permits

In Los Angeles, permits may be required, especially if you are using public spaces or serving alcohol at your event. Consult with the Los Angeles City Clerk’s Office to understand the necessary permits for your event. Being well-informed and prepared is vital.

Negotiating Contracts

Negotiating contracts with caterers and rental companies is a critical aspect of event planning. Communicate your budget and requirements, and don’t shy away from negotiating for better deals. Ensure that all agreements are included in the contracts and consider legal review for your protection.

COMUNITYmade's Event Space

As part of your venue hunting, don’t forget to consider COMUNITYmade’s event space. Located in the Arts District, this community space offers an industrial-chic vibe and is versatile for charity fundraisers, workshops, or social gatherings.

Promoting Your Event

Getting the word out about your event is equally as important as finding the perfect venue. There are numerous avenues to explore to ensure your community and key stakeholders, including city officials, are informed and invited.

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are invaluable tools in event promotion. Create engaging posts and graphics about your event, and encourage your followers to share them. Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility. For a more targeted approach, consider using paid advertisements to reach specific demographics within your community.

Leverage Community Networks

Tap into local community networks and organizations. Engage with community centers, local businesses, schools, and non-profits to spread the word. Offer them promotional material such as flyers or posters to display. Building relationships with these community pillars can help in both promoting your current event and laying the foundation for future collaborations.

Reach Out to Local Media

Consider sending press releases to local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV channels. Local media can help amplify your message to a broader audience. Ensure that your press release is concise, engaging, and includes all the pertinent information about your event.

Engaging City Officials and Important Guests

Send Personalized Invitations

When inviting city officials or other significant guests, it’s important to send personalized invitations. A well-crafted invitation should explain the purpose of the event, its benefits to the community, and why their presence is valuable. Follow up with a phone call or email to confirm their attendance.

Utilize Professional Networks

Leverage your professional network to make connections with city officials or other key guests. Attend city council meetings or chamber of commerce events to personally extend an invitation. Networking events are also an opportunity to promote your event to a wider audience.

Showcase Community Impact

City officials and important guests often attend events that have a positive impact on the community. Highlight how your event benefits the local community, and include any charitable aspects or partnerships with local organizations. This positions your event as not just a gathering but a contributor to the community’s welfare.

Key Stakeholders

Promoting your event and engaging key stakeholders is crucial for its success. Through social media, community networks, local media, and personalized outreach, you can ensure that your event is well-publicized and attended by those who matter most. By effectively communicating the value and community impact of your event, you are likely to attract the support and attention of both the local community and influential figures.

A Bit About The Arts District

At COMUNITYmade, we didn’t choose to be here by accident. This community is teeming with skilled artists, designers, and creative craftspeople who take pride in their work. Nestled in Downtown LA, the Arts District is a melting pot of creativity and culture.

Renowned for its impressive street art, murals, and a plethora of galleries, it’s an area where art is not just present; it’s alive. The neighborhood is brimming with unique venues which mirror the district’s eclectic spirit. The Arts District is also home to some of LA's trendiest eateries, breweries, and coffee shops, making it a foodie's paradise. With its combination of artistic flair, historic charm, and modern amenities, the Arts District can elevate the atmosphere of any event, offering guests not just an occasion but an experience.

Whether you’re looking to immerse your attendees in art and culture or treat them to culinary delights, the Arts District in Los Angeles is a location that promises an unforgettable gathering.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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