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Fall 2019 Shoe Trends

Fall 2019 Shoe Trends

by Shannon Scott September 20, 2019

As summer comes to an end, you may find yourself hanging up those sleek, strappy heels ... or easy-to-wear flip flops ... for choices that provide a bit more warmth and comfort, while still allowing you the option to dress any outfit up in style. This year, many shoes are making a splash as we begin the transition into the fall of 2019, such as those once-retired combat boots (many thanks to Billie Eilish for bringing them back) or those timeless pumps. One fashion trend that has been making a comeback this year is customizable sneakers.            

The act of shoemaking has long been a profession worth mentioning but it has seen a recent spike in demand due to the immense desire for its age old attention to detail and its resulting durability. The need for shoes has always been a major concern for the more civilized human, first seen in the form of an ancient sandal and often made from natural resources specific to the region where it was found. However, it wasn't until the early 1600’s that it took on a shape resembling something more of an art form. By this time they had developed fifteen different techniques for the construction of their shoes, such as; the pegged construction, the stitchdown, the turnout and the well known moccasin of today. 

The Napoleon Wars in the early 18th century are what led to the initial invention that would first allow the mechanical production of shoes, hoping to keep up with the increased demand by the British Army who were fighting in the wars at that time. It wasn’t until the Industrial Era, though, where the manufacturing of shoes became more widespread. Up until the 19th century, shoemaking was done mainly by hand and by the end of that century the production of shoes had mostly now been mechanized. Nonetheless, today, more and more people are opting for the old time benefits of handmade shoes.

One of the many benefits of shopping for a customizable shoe is being able to control the entire selection process; beginning with the design, then by adding additional elements or embellishments, choice of threading and picking the type of laces that you would prefer. After booking an appointment online or by phone, you will meet with a Custom Shoe Concierge who will walk you through the entire process either online with a virtual meeting or in store at their Los Angeles location. You will start by choosing from four different preselected styles that you can alter and fully customize to fit your own design.

When purchasing a shoe that is handmade, specifically for you, it ensures that you are getting as close a fit as possible for the shape of your feet. So if you’ve ever had any difficulty when it comes to finding a shoe with the right fit, or just have never been able to truly enjoy one that does, then having the option to wear a pair that are tailor-made with you in mind, at an affordable price, will seem like a dream come true when you are finally able to slip them on. Proper shoes are a great solution for aches and pains as this closely fitting footwear will hug your tired feet.

Not only are you supporting a business that sources the highest quality of materials, like Italian leather or suede, you are guaranteeing that they will last for years and years to come as they are carefully crafted by hand right here in America. Each and every pair of shoes will have hours of work and care delicately woven into it, created by an artist with a passion for their work as its ultimately made with the end purchaser in mind. Making a purchase with a company that doesn’t outsource its work to a different country is an effective way to make sure that your dollars are well spent and that quality work is received while also helping to strengthen a local economy.

The price to have a set of fully customizable shoes may not be as expensive as one would think. Customizable shoes are often seen being worn by rich celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey or J-Lo. Surprisingly enough though, you do not have to be someone rich or famous (or even Cinderella for that matter) in order to have a pair of your own. While some customizable shoes can cost you upwards of $10,000 to have made, COMUNITYmade customizable shoes range from $400-$600, easily making them one of the best options out there for when you feel like having your very own pair.

Another unique quality when purchasing a custom made pair of shoes from COMUNITYmade is the fact that a portion of your purchase will be donated to the charity of your choice. Giving to the community is something that is important to many consumers here in America and after a brief registration before your purchase, up to 20 percent will be donated to any charity at no extra cost to you. Not only do you end up giving back for every single purchase you make but you end up with a rad pair of shoes made solely just for you!


And if for whatever reason, a custom pair of shoes just doesn’t sound like the perfect choice for your selection of fall fashion footwear this year, they also offer an extensive and beautiful collection of handcrafted pre designed shoes at less of a cost to the consumer. They are still made with the same quality of materials and are always specially made by hand, one-by-one. Designed with care and crafted with attention by a talented artist. They offer both a male collection, ranging in size from a 7-15, and a womens collection, ranging in size from a 5-11.


One thing is for certain, though. This fall

 – go custom.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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