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Effortless Style: The Convenience of Slip-On Shoes

Effortless Style: The Convenience of Slip-On Shoes

by Shannon Scott May 22, 2023

The pandemic has brought about some unexpected changes in our lives. We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of working, socializing, and, of course, dressing. And while some fashion trends have fallen by the wayside (goodbye skinny jeans), others have emerged as the unlikely heroes of the pandemic wardrobe. Woohoo – Slip-on Shoes!

Yes, you heard that right. Slip-on shoes. Those shoes that your dad used to wear to mow the lawn are now all the rage. It’s a bizarre turn of events, but hear me out. Slip-on shoes are the perfect post- pandemic footwear. They’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and, let's face it - it’s all about looking you’re best without even trying.

Gone are the days of complicated shoe-tying techniques and uncomfortable work shoes. The new fashion motto is “ease and comfort.” And what could be easier or more comfortable than a pair of slip-on shoes to go with your comfortable clothes? They’re like a warm hug for your feet, except they don’t leave you feeling suffocated.

So, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and let’s dive into the world of slip-on shoes. You might just find yourself jumping on the bandwagon, and who knows - you might even convince your dad to let you borrow his old pair.

A Cautionary Note

Ah, slip-on shoes. The ultimate pandemic footwear. Easy to slip on, comfy to wear, and capable of hiding a multitude of sins, such as unclipped toenails and mismatched socks.

But let’s be real – not all slip-on shoes are created equal. Some are stylish and sleek, while others are downright hideous. So, what makes a slip-on shoe fashionable, and what makes it a fashion faux pas? Let's do an unscientific examination.

The Material Matters

First and foremost, it’s all about the material. If your slip-on shoe is made of leather, suede, or high-tech materials, you’re in the clear. You’re walking around like you own the place, looking stylish and sophisticated. But if your shoe is made of some cheap plastic material, it’s time to reassess your choices. You might as well be wearing a pair of shower shoes. (Wait, some shower shoes are cool.)

What About Arch Support?

Plantar Fasciitis may sound funny, but millions of people have it, and they’re not smiling at all. The good news is that some slip-on shoes and even some slides provide excellent arch support that will give you happy feet.

What’s Your Favorite Form?

If you’re used to wearing high tops and running shoes all the time, you might want to expand your horizons a little. When you do, keep in mind that shape matters.

If it's sleek and streamlined, you're good to go. But if it's bulky and unflattering, you're better off wearing a pair of clown shoes. Seriously, who wants to wear shoes that make their feet look like they're being swallowed up by an alien spaceship?

Who Makes Slip-On Shoes?

When it’s time to buy, you might want to think about exactly who’s making your comfy slip-ons or slides. It’s okay to be casual as you like about your fashion, but it’s definitely not okay to have your comfy footwear made halfway around the world under anything but comfortable working conditions. After all, why would you? We have so many world-class artists, designers, and craftspeople right here in Los Angeles and the good ol’ U.S.A.

What’s Behind that Registered Trademark?

Registered trademarks are not necessarily a seal of approval when it comes to sustainable manufacturing or humane working conditions. It pays to do a little of your own research when it comes to your footwear purchase decisions.

Some Brands Get It More Than Others – COMUNITYmade and Devium USA

Slip-ons, sandals, and slides have been in the background for a while. Well, not anymore. COMUNITYmade and Devium USA have put them in the spotlight, front center.

At COMUNITYmade, we often team up with other top-quality shoe brands to inspire even better ideas. We’re located right here in Los Angeles, and we’d love to have you visit.

Shoe Candy For Everyone

Palmetto Slide – This is the ultimate in Ultra-Luxe. And yes, you may never want to take them off. I mean, why would you??? They’re sleek, sophisticated, and a must-have for year-round comfort and laid-back-luxe style.

Seaton Slip-On – This is the latest in L.A. Lifestyle. Limo ride ready and front of the line at the club. Seaton makes the scene.

Truckee – Do you really want to turn heads? Truckee takes the best of skate and active lifestyles and blends them into a comfortable combination with loads of style points.

Mateo – 584 Mateo Street in downtown Los Angeles is THE place where sleek and comfy come together. That’s what inspired our Mateo line of shoes.

A Little About COMUNITYmade

First and foremost, COMUNITYmade is about the people we work with and the community where we live. The United States of America has a proud history of making handcrafted leather shoes, and custom sneakers for women and men. And at COMUNITYmade, we are doing all we can to revive this handcrafted tradition. Together with our family of skilled and talented artisans, we work with brilliant designers to create casual men's shoes, athletic shoes, and stunning custom handmade footwear for women.

Giving Back a Little Means a Lot

We realize things are tough out there, and every penny counts. That’s why looking for shoes on sale at the lowest price possible makes sense. At COMUNITYmade, we work hard to make sure we provide the most value possible for our customers and even a little harder to give back to our community. That’s why we donate up to 20% to the charity of your choice for every pair of shoes.

We know that our shoes carry a premium price, but if you do the math on purchasing a quality product, then you can be sure you’re getting the best materials and hand-made quality out there. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing your decision will help support your favorite charity.

Shannon Scott
Shannon Scott


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