"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
can change the world."

- Margaret Meade


Our team is lean and mean but we come equipped with decades of footwear industry and marketing experience. More important than that – we like hanging out with each other. Various paths have brought us together as one, with a shared vision and a belief that we can make a difference in the world, no matter if it is on a small or large scale. Together we are the “UMAMI” of the business world.

Our shared philosophy on life allowed us to flip the business model around and focus on the community rather than just profits, using our shoes as the vehicle to help connect and inspire others to take action. We look forward to meeting the challenges of building a business together, and will always make time to laugh while dodging, ducking and diving our way through the obstacles that undoubtedly lie ahead.



Co-Founder and Chief Instigator

When not instigating change for the better, Sean is a known provocateur of lively and irrelevant conversations. An ardent connoisseur of music, movies and meaningless information, Sean spends his free time promoting his latest finds while cycling the Southern California coast in his matching lycra kit. 


Co-Founder and Chief Catalyst

Always striving for perfect harmony in life - whether it be on a yoga mat, the slopes or the sand, Shannon holds an optimistic ‘glass half-full view’ of the world and considers the "Karma Fairy" a personal friend. She's also committed to being a catalyst of bringing thoughtful people together to change Los Angeles for the better, even if she needs to will it into existence herself. 


Co-Founder and Chief Creative Genius

The resident trend spotter, Ryan has an eye for everything new in fashion, fitness and fun. His one blind spot to trends is cars, as he's out to set a world record for miles driven in his ‘99 Ford Ranger. Ryan is sharing his higher education in shoemaking with the world along with new lingo called "Gummyisms", not yet approved by Webster Dictionary.


Marketing Maven

When she's not laughing at animal memes and videos, you can find Reva driving all over Los Angeles to attend her favorite workout classes (Studio Metamorphosis, Speedplay and Barry's Bootcamp to name a few!). While spending those long hours in the car, she's constantly scheming about the next digital marketing piece and how it can bring more people together. Reva also burns calories by chasing down her escape artist Yorkie-Pomeranian, Chewbacca. We all know who wears the pants in that household.