Hi there. We’re COMUNITY.

A nontraditional, unconventional, uncompany-like company.

A company that would much rather approach you like a living, breathing human being.
(Because that's what you are.)

And as our name suggests, we’re a group of fellow human beings…who put people before profits.

Our purpose is to come together as a community.

We bring together interesting – and interested - people who care about getting involved in making our corner of the globe, our neighborhood, a more fulfilling and sustainable place, and empowering each other.

So let’s have a conversation.

Oh, by the way, did you know we make shoes? They’re amazing shoes.

We think you’ll love them.

And while shoes may carry us, they’re not the thing that drives us.

What drives us is a question:

Like, how can we not just make things… but things that make us better?

Can how the way we make things, make us more independent in our thinking?

Can it make us more unified? Can it make us more locally aware?

Because honestly, that’s what it all comes down to.

We work and live right here. In Los Angeles.

And we’re helping to foster a movement.

One where a fresh business philosophy takes hold and interconnectedness catches on.

Making our current place a better place. That’s what we’re about.

If we can start with something as simple as shoes, who knows where it might lead?

How do we use business to foster change? 

There are individuals in every community that need the help of their fellow community members to create a life full of purpose and meaning.

At COMUNITY we want to make sure that our neighbor’s bowl is full instead worrying about the size of our bowl.

This type of passion and pay it forward mentality can reap far more benefits that are contagious.

Giving neighbors the tools to be successful will provide a wealth in spirit greater than anything money can buy.