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3 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are Worth the Money

3 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are Worth the Money

August 22, 2019

Handmade shoes last much longer than manufactured shoes. In many cases, they can be worn for years, and sometimes, decades, which makes them a much more practical choice over your lifetime.

There are many reasons why people buy shoes. Some are interested in the latest styles, while others need comfort and functionality for work and others are looking for affordability. Whatever the reason, most of us don’t want to spend a fortune on a single pair of shoes. Shoes can run up to thousands of dollars, and many wonder if they are really worth it. While some shoes do have a high price tag that could easily wipe out the average person’s bank account, a few are actually worth the money.

Handmade shoes are included among those few, as they are usually more high-quality compared to mass-produced shoes; however, there are many other reasons for why you might seriously want to consider investing in at least one pair of cobbler-made shoes to round out your wardrobe. While they may be more expensive than what you are used to, you’ll definitely be glad you made the investment.

Quantity vs. Quality

With that in mind, if you take the cost of those 14 pairs of shoes in your closet that are rarely worn and invest that money into the cost of three pairs of handcrafted shoes, you would easily save money and have better-quality shoes that will last much longer.Considering that that the average American woman has around 17 pairs of shoes in her closet, cost is often the first factor when it comes to shoe purchases. However, when you learn that most women usually only wear about 3 pairs on a regular basis, then you realize that she may be spending more than she would if she had bought just a few pairs of handcrafted shoes. Mass-produced shoes are often lacking in comfort, do not fit right, or have caused undue pain when worn. However, shoes that are handmade are fitted and designed to avoid all of those problems. 



They fit better

One of the most important factors in a good pair of shoes is the fit. Your feet make up the foundation of your body, so it needs to have a good and solid support. If your shoes do not help you to keep your posture nor support you, then your whole body will suffer. Some foot cobblers in the know will point out that you can tell a good fit by how you feel when you get home from a long day at work. If you forget to take your shoes off as soon as you walk in the door, then you have a good fit.




They are repairable 

Handmade shoes are meant to last a long time. Unlike manufactured shoes, they must be made with the highest quality materials and with the best craftsmanship so that if one part fails or wears out they can be repaired. This will also save you money over time as well. It is much more cost effective to repair a good pair of shoes than to replace them, especially if they turn out to be your favorite pair.





They are durable

Handmade shoes last much longer than manufactured shoes. In many cases, they can be worn for years...and, sometimes, decades. This, precisely, is what makes them a much more practical choice over your lifetime. To make sure your handcrafted shoes are maintained well, start with a suede/leather protectant treatment before the first wear and clean and polish regularly with products recommended for suede/leather.  If maintained well, resoled and re-heeled when needed, and using high quality leather rather than cheaper but less durable materials, a pair of handcrafted shoes could even last a lifetime.


Finding a good pair of quality leather shoes like those sold here at COMUNITYmade is the perfect way to save money and stay stylish at the same time. 

No matter what your reason for shoe shopping, whether you have a true shoe fetish or you just need something practical to get through your day, it pays to take stock of the number of shoes in your closet that you’re not willing to wear. If your reasons are from pain, discomfort, or a poor fit, then you might need to seriously consider investing in a pair of stylish leather handmade shoes that could give you everything you are lacking in now, making it possible to finally be happy about the shoes you wear.

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Find Your Perfect Size

We want to help make sure that your new shoes have the best fit possible.  

We have created a separate fit for men and women to provide the ultimate foot hugging comfort.  Our sockliner and upper materials will naturally mold to your foot and stretch out after a short period of time, so do allow for this when trying our shoes on initially.


 In general, our shoes are running closer to an everyday shoe fit vs. an athletic shoe fit and can be worn with or without socks - but the socks have to be eye catching for best results.


Any variances from this chart will be noted on each individual product page.